Credible repair of Sony ARW2 raw image data

This is a WWW form interface to what should be considered a "Beta test" version of KARWY. This free software tool implements credible repair of Sony ARW2 raw data primarily by modeling uncertainty of pixel data and synthesizing consistent textures (which can only be done for input of an actual Sony ARW2 file, not a DNG-converted file). The permanent address for information about KARWY is:

There are 3 steps to process an image using this form: 1. upload an ARW2 image (only ARW2 files can be processed), 2. select repair parameters and repair it, and 3. download the repaired DNG or XZ-compressed DNG. This form is generated to provide options as appropriate; scroll down to see them. For example, you can specify a previously-uploaded image by the ID number it was assigned and you can rate the repair quality once a DNG has been produced.

Note that this WWW form is not a file sharing site, but merely an interface for moving files through KARWY. Image ID references may become invalid at any time.

Image Upload

ARW2 raw files are not small, so it may take a while to upload your image to our server. Once you have uploaded an image, you'll be able to request download of processed versions below.

Submit an ARW2 image to repair:

If you own rights to the above image and might be willing to allow us to use it in research publications about karwy, enter your email address here so that we can contact you prior to any such use.

Current Image ID 0

The above images are derived from the unrepaired ARW2 file. First is a conventional thumbnail. Second is an equalized map of the number of bits precision for each pixel based on the combined effect of pixel value, tone curve, and 11/7-bit compression; darker colors represent potentially less accurate values.

You can change to a different already uploaded image by entering the ID here:

The WWW form interface for, and image processing in, KARWY is implemented using custom C code written by Hank Dietz, but the following tools are used in decoding/encoding image files and implementing the CGI interface: DCRaw, Adobe DNG Converter, ExifTool, ImageMagick, XZ, and CGIC.

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